Monday, October 11, 2010

Clement Family (10/1/10-1/1/11)-Phase 1

Clement Family, Living/Family Room Before
Clement's family built their home 11 years ago, since then has not done any major redecorating. The living room/family is the first phase of the project. The plans are to not only update the space but also make it more functional for their large young family.

The overall living space is an awkward
rectangle and used unintentionally as a corridor, since it has eight entrances  to the space. The first challenge was create a family conversation space apart from any major traffic paths. The corner by the window and fireplace was the most obvious place. Next, the family has an over excessive amount of furniture to accommodate their 6 person family. Suggested is a large sectional sofa, which serve two purposes, it consolidates the furniture and also makes the family closer in proximity, which was important to them. Again since the space is an involuntarily corridor, laminate hardwood floors were recommended for the amount of traffic. Lastly, the family has no closet next to the back door (it is located next to the staircase and half bath) which they use as their main entrance. Because of this the family stores their coats and shoes along the staircase.The solution was to add a large cabinet closest that hangs coats and stores shoes. The area near the back door and in-front of the stairs is used now as a mud room.

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