Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Does Your Space Need? The Opposite!

Is your space full of neutrals; like browns, whites, grays, beige's or black?
Then your space needs an accent color! Neutral spaces can create a bland uncreative space. Look at your space and zoom in on any trace of color. If you see a tiny hint of faint orange in your rug, then voila you have found your accent color. Now as a solution to your neutrals problem, place orange in your space thoughtfully with accent pillows on the sofa, a piece of art on the wall, a large vase, a lamp, or a beautiful bouquet of orange flowers.  Note: don't over due the orange, it is an accent after all. Also, know there is no need to match your oranges, keep it classy with a variety of shades. The space to the right is a neutral space jazzed up with a small splash of yellow and orange hues.

Is your space full of hard surfaces like tile floors, wood floors, leather furniture, hard pillows, glass accents or lots of wood?
Then your space is in need of something soft! Hard surfaces present your space as cold and lacking comfort. Adding a shag rug, a soft textured pillow, a thick throw blanket, a pile of large floor pillows or plants/florals can soften your desperately hard space. Softness is especially needed in lounging spaces like bedrooms and family rooms. The space to the left has many hard textures, but the the warmth and comfort come from the added soft textures with the blanket, pillows and plants.

                   Is your space full of patterns, floor to ceiling?
Then you need to burn it all! Just kidding, you just need to replace some of your patterns for solids. Patterns give you a case of  "pattern overload." Which makes you feel unsettled in the space. One of my design rules is to use only one [maybe two with my help] large patterns in the space. Patterns create focal point and our eyes focus on them first. If you have too many patterns our eyes have a hard time focusing. If you are able follow my rule, if not do some subtle changes. Examples: Place a solid rug between your floral carpet and striped couch or switch out your pattern accent pillows with a more solid color [it can have a texture but avoid  pattern]  or a new window treatment can be very inexpensive to change out for a solid more calm alternative. Above the space has several patterns but it works because the largest piece of furniture is solid and the floor is simple.

Is your space square? Literally?
Then you need some harmony! Square furniture with square accents in a square shaped space lacks harmony. All the furniture is fighting against each other, instead of working with each other.What your space needs is round shapes and soft edges. Harmony is achieved when the right amount of square is comforted with the right amount of circular. The round shapes and soft edges are also accents, over doing the circles could make your space look like an Austin Powers shag pad. To the left is a square room with large oversized square furniture with a wall length rectangular fireplace. The harmony in this room was achieved with the rounded soft edges of the reading chairs, the roundness of the floral accents and massive circular mirror highlight the entire space.

Is your space none of these but is an outdated, 
unorganized, tacky mess?
Then you're in need of an Interior Designer. Call me! I would love to help you turn your space into something worth relaxing in. The picture to the right is an example of a huge, outdated, unorganized tacky mess of a space. [Whoevers home this is I will help you out for free.]

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