Monday, May 16, 2011

The Paint Factor

A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest, simplest, most inexpensive ways to make a big impression to any space. Not only can paint freshen up your space, but it makes it look updated, cleaner, and more expressive. A fresh coat of paint truly creates a before and after! But before you paint, there is lots to know! Here are 3 factors about paint to consider:

Paint Factor 1: Color evokes emotion

Don’t hesitate to take a risk when choosing a paint color. Yellows is a cheery color. It is a sunny hue that makes you feel creative and inspired. Lighter yellows add a warmth to your space while brighter golden yellows provide a glowing quality. 

Blues harmonize and add a calm quality to your spaces. This sincere color combats any tension and supports relaxation. Deep blues add sophistication while grayish blues accent well with aged woods. The picture to the right is blue in a kitchen. I chose the color for my mother's recently painted kitchen, it is not a color typically seen in a kitchen, but I wanted to stretch the bar since her heart was set on white cabinets. The color is a chalky blue which added the sophisticated feel she was going for and accented her black appliances well. 

Red conveys excitement and a dramatic first impression. This vivid color feels cozy. Earth tone reds add to the coziness, while brighter reds convey drama. Green encourages serenity. Green provides a refreshing atmosphere. Deep greens complement sunny spaces while softer greens add a youthful tone. Purple is passionate, sexy and romantic. This color is seductive and mysterious. Choosing the color purple is a risk but playful.

Paint Factor 2: The quality of paint is important
Paint that is under $20/gal is good but often requires two or more coats. Paint that is up to $30/gal is better and paint that is up to $55/gal is the best. It is the highest quality of paint and often requires only one coat. You should also choose a paint with low Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC gas is released as the paint dries, this causes long term health problems, impacts global warming and has a strong odor. I recommend Dutchboy Refresh paint. It is a high quality paint for the cost, less than $25/gal, and it has low VOC and no smell as it dries. Both rooms featured in this blog used the Dutchboy Refresh paint.

Paint Factor 3: Make sure you have the right finish
Matte or Flat finishes are durable and great to conceal imperfections. It is hard to clean but conceals surface imperfections. This finish is typically used for ceilings. If your walls have lots of imperfections try using a roller that gives your walls an orange peel texture.  Eggshell finish is scrubbable and smooth, and good for most rooms. Eggshell finish also makes bedroom walls look more cozy then harsh, like glossy walls can imitate. The picture to the left is my client Gina Miller's bedroom. The eggshell finish looks beautiful and adds a warmth to the already warm cougar brown. Satin finish is very scrubbable and good for high-traffic & humid areas. Satin finishes are what most people use and recommend for any room. Semi-gloss and high gloss finishes are mainly used for trim, woodwork and molding. Semi-gloss can also be used in children rooms and bathrooms, because it is durable to moisture, fingerprints and crayon. 

Remember the factors and get painting!

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