Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Christmas Throw Pillows

All you need is placematts, napkins and some old stuffing!That's right, I made these cute holiday pillows inexpensively from placematts and napkins! Throw pillows are so expensive and because of their expense who wants to buy ones just for the holidays. Here is my idea for decorating for the holidays inexpensively with clever homemade throw pillows, that will surely make your space sparkle this year!   

The first pillow to the left: I bought a set of holiday napkins or under $3. I used iron tape, left an edge and made a pillow case. I put an old pillow on the inside and hot glued a red snowflake placematt to the front, that I also got for under $3. This unique handmade pillow cost only $6!

The red houndstooth pillows: I bought two red woven houndstooth placematts for $3. Then I went to a fabric store and got a yard of some remnant white fabric for $.67. I hot glued the placematt to the white fabric (which could easily be sewed), making a pillow case. I stuffed the pillow case with stuffing from a old pillows. I made two fun red holiday pillows for around $7. And to dress up one of the pillow,s I hot glued a knitted "S" ornament to the corner of it.

The burlap tree pillow: This pillow too was a placematt for around $3. Excitingly all I did was rip the stitching out from the corner of it and put stuffing it in. I seal the whole with hot glue and voila I had another holiday pillow!

The last two pillows: The brown pillow and red pillow were just fillers but still inexpensive in their own way. The red pillow I crochet for about $10 in yarn and stuffed with stuffing. The brown pillow was knitted for me as a gift. They both fit perfectly with my other homemade pillows!

Other pillow ideas: You could also find some cute knitted stockings and stuff them with stuffing. Then, seal the tops. They would look so fun as a throw pillow on your sofa! You could also find a fun Christmas runner and sew/hot glue/iron-on tape fabric to the back (or just rip the stitch and stuff) and make one large decorative body pillow for your sofa!

I hope in your Christmas decorating you find some joy in creating things homemade to make your home feel extra warm this Christmas!!!!

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