Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snowglobe Craft

This is a fun craft that can be for your enjoyment or as gift! 

1) First you start with a jar, any kind: mason jar, olive jar even a pickle jar.
2) If the lid of the jar isn't in a seasonal color you can easily spray paint it sliver, gold, red or green.
3) With clear drying epoxy, like super glue, adhere a figure of your choice to the inside of the lid. You can use small dollhouse figures, ornaments with flat bottoms, small Christmas figure like carolers and even little display trees.
4) Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water;add a dash of glitter, snow and a small squeeze of glycerin (don't over do any of these).
5) Screw on the lid tightly (with a small amount of glue) with the upside down figure.
6) Turn the jar over and back again.......and LET IT SNOW!

The snow globes above:
I used a medium sized mason jar. In the dollhouse section at hobby lobby I found a package of 3 winter tress for $1.99. Beside it was a little package of a string of lights, also for $1.99. I hot glued the string of lights to each of the 3 trees. I used red glitter an the translucent fake snow. They turned out so cute!

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