Friday, January 10, 2014

Unfinished Basement Project

My current basement is a dirty catch all. However, it does contain our laundry area and every day or so I have to slip on shoes and make my sad way down there. During our flip of this house last year we did replace the basement wall with 1/2 our budget for the flip, so the basement, I suppose was an investment already, why not make it pretty, right? Our basement does have potential. We have no desire to finish the walls or floor, which would have no return on our investment in this house, so we are gonna at least make it so I don't have to put my shoes on to go down there out of fear of the unknown.  So the budget for this space will be almost nonexistent. But I'm gonna make it awesome!

Perks in our basement do include a few things, like an open space, it's warm and it has high ceilings. I would like to create a pretty and clean space to do our laundry comfortably, with a corner for storage, and a craft space. Plus, an open strip for my toddler to ride his bike. I plan to make a dynamic space through paint and a mural wall. I also, want to figure out something for the floor. Since its winter and coming up busy season for my accountant hubby, this project will take some time. But I quickly snapped a few candid, SERIOUSLY CANDID, photos of the basement before I get started. She may have cleaned up if she knew you would be taking pictures of her. Beware...

 The ceiling is white. The bank painted it because of the mold. But hey, ill take it it makes the ceiling look even taller!

 Would you want to do laundry here?

 Yes, we have two sets of washer and dryers. Do you want these ones?

 The uglyist color of stairs ever! Those will be painted.

Yes, most of this pile is baby stuff!!!!!

Project Phases
1) Phase 1: Organize junk and paint wall mural: Complete

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