Thursday, April 30, 2015


As, you have seem in my recent post, I've started using Instagram. I've been enjoying taking photographs of my life, my designs and my kids. I don't have time to scrapbook or journal anymore but my Instagram has been that for me. Pretty quickly, I found some amazing women, that were doing the same. They have beautiful homes and totally awesome blogs. I clicked follow to many and with wide eyes have been oooooing over these women's lives and homes. I have been so inspired! Here are some pictures I've share of our home...

However, there is a flip-side. Perfection isn't relateable. I was doing the inevitable, comparing. I was feeling like my life wasn't that pretty in pictures, my skills as a designer are lame and why on earth can't I get an followers and then saying to myself,  "see I totally don't have the gift to inspire,boo." Those feelings really made me evaluate my heart and that  I truly spend too much time worrying about the condition of my house. I value being authentic yet I put up fronts that my home is tidy, always. So, I'm boycotting perfection today and not sharing my picture worthy house (or myself for that matter) but sharing a video of my everyday house (and my everyday self) with you.

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