Sunday, February 22, 2015

Party on Instagram

I have started a new season in my life! We just had our second bundle of joy! My life has changed, much more staying in. With that being said, I can admit I am not much of a homebody. I love our home. It's our first, we fixed it up, its small and not as old as I'd like, but it's OURS. Actually is quite perfect. My hubby is an accountant and we live in Ohio, meaning it's cold and I'm mostly alone for now so home is where I need to be. My go go go mentality makes it hard to rest at home. Not like the 'lay in bed" kinda rest, but  the resting in God presences kinda rest. The peace kinda rest. The rest that is needed everyday to make life full of joy and not so mundane.

My home is my purpose now.

Caring for my babies, my husband and caring for my home is my purpose. However, the creator in me wants a challenge --the want to make something beautiful. That's why I love interior design so much, it an expression of my core self, to create and see the beautiful. So, I've created a personal challenge. I am going to have an experiment on Instagram and what I am calling my "party on Instagram." I am challenging myself to stay in my home more and to document the beauty of it on Instagram. A photo can truly capture an ordinary moment, but that moment being still can have the ability to make you breath deep. I want to have more of those moments at home. I want to still a corner in my house that I found to be extra beautiful that day. I want to display a project that took heart or share my newly rearrange bedroom with excitement. And I want to show my family enjoying our home --the home I care for just as deeply as I care for it's dwellers.

Follow my journey! You don't have to have the app either, just create an account online.
Don't let his face fool you, he is pumped too!

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