Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ordinary Women Creating Beautiful Homes~Annette

Meet Annette Williamson, she is a retiree from Findlay, Ohio. Her and her husband gave up their apple farm house for a condo in town. Their new place is 1781 sq. ft. that is cozy and casual. Annette is an ordinary women that has in my option created a beautiful home!  She has no idea where her knack for decorating comes form. She has no design backgrounds and isn't a fan of art but has decorated most everyone home she knows, including her two daughters, her mother and a number of her girlfriends. She said if she could she would, "make decorating her job."

She describes her style as "rustic country."  Her home is full of warm colors, checker patterns and antiques. Some of the staples to her style included crafty accessories, wooden sayings and color! These staples are the things that bring out the pieces she loves most about her spaces. She said, "the extra homey things" are what makes her feel comfortable in spaces, she likes full rooms (not cluttered but full). Her favorite room in her house is her great room but her favorite room she decorated is her guest bathroom.

She really has enjoyed creating her home and loves that all of her furniture has a story. It was very fascinating hearing her talk about several pieces and how much they meant to her; including an old window from their barn in the country that her husband mirrored for her as a gift; an antique table that she put on her bucket list and got early in her marriage; and also a very old truck she uses as a coffee table that was carried on horse and buggy, it holds her pictures. I asked her, "if their was a fire, what piece of furniture would you grab?" She said that trunk with her photos but would still have a hard time choosing.

Annette told me that a lot of the times she falls asleep thinking about rearranging something. She told me several times how much she loves it, the challenge, the excitement and the change.  When her kids were young she would put them to bed and start arranging! She is always switching and has at least something moved every week. I asked her where she shops when she decorates her home, she responded with many answers, "garage sales, flee markets, craft shows and a homestead store called enchanted forest." One of my favorite things she purchased was several old shutters that she cleverly transformed into a privacy fence. I was very impressed with Annette's style and home.

I had a great time walking through Annette's home with her and I hope Annette has inspired you!


  1. I love the shutter idea for a privacy fence...Great idea

  2. HI, i work on a gardening magazine in australia, just wondered if you had a high res version of the shutter screen image that we could use for a fencing story in our upcoming issue?
    My work email is if you want to get in touch to discuss.


  3. What were the shutters attached to? Was there a wooden support built as panel or posts on each one.....?

  4. I'd also like further instructions on how the shutters were attached and supported...a great idea !!

  5. Same here! Love the shutter idea and would love to know how to make one!!

  6. Same here.Please let us know how to do the shutters.