Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rethinking Refrigerator Art

When was the last time you actually looked at what was on your refrigerator?  

Cluttered Refrigerator

We seem to keep everything on our refrigerators [all the important stuff] and also never take it down. We have old magnets from pizza places that don't exist anymore, report cards with grease spots on them; pictures of people kids we don't know and art that is older then when the kid was when they made it. Well, just because it is magnetic doesn't mean that we should cover it full with anything that will adhere to it. Simple fact is, we seem to overlook our refrigerator as something that is adding to our clutter and even something that is making our kitchen look messy when it isn't.

A while back I was in this beautiful gourmet kitchen but when I entered the kitchen, my eyes didn't go to the exquisite marble counter tops but to the Frigidaire covered in crap. Who wants to have this magnificent kitchen be dulled down by a cluttered refrigerator? Also, some of us may be unfortunate and have been blessed with a very small kitchen, we don't realize how much smaller we make the space feel when we clutter up our refrigerators with scraps of paper and magnets.

My Tidy Refrigerator

De-cluttering your new Maytag doesn't mean that you have to leave it solemn and bare. You just need to do a little spring cleaning and organizing, just like you would do to any room or closet. First of all, throw away all the old dusty pizza magnet and at least take down the outdated art and put it in a scrapbook. When organizing, maybe use only one side of your fridge to display things[things like the art or report cards]; or leave only a few pictures up and update them monthly instead of adding more; or you can even buy refrigerator organizers with pockets and small drawers to keep your fridge tidy.Whatever style or organizing technique your prefer, do! Just please promise me that the kids on your refrigerator still look like that now.

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