Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Now and Before on Orleans

Our home was build in 1973 and was a model home for the builder. It was rented out for many years but has also had several owners. The home has a little over 1,300 square feet with a garage and partial basement. The neighborhood is quiet, friendly and full of many diverse families. The house had a kitchen renovation about 15 years ago and the current condition of the home is good. The house had many characteristic we wanted like, a large backyard, three bedrooms, fireplace, open kitchen, and great neighborhood. Although the home was seemingly perfect it still needed many important fixes like, a basement wall replacement, roof, water heater and flooring. But this is just the beginning of our story and interest in this house.

My husband and I learned at the beginning of that year {2012} our family was growing! A new little boy would be here in September! Around that same time our hearts become restless about renting. Interestingly enough our current lease was up in that May and no apartments we wanted were even available in the area. We explored homes and drove by this one. I had no interest when we drove by, but from one look at the photo of the home on-line in February, I told my husband this was our house! This home had been unwanted for over four years, yet it took almost 5 months of us fighting for it, loosing it twice and praying that we are living in it today! 

As an interior designer I didn’t want just any house as my first home, I wanted to take an uncared for house and turn it into a well loved home. This house gave us that opportunity to share in creating a beautiful home together. 

To this day getting this home is a God-sized blessing. It was on the market so long, but right when we were ready to buy it turned into a foreclosure. Every contractor and appraiser that has been in the home has commented on how rare of find this house was. Since it was a foreclosure, we were able to add to our mortgage to fix the house and it still be very affordable.  Also, we can’t even count the number of “accidents” that have fallen in our favor and all the resources that were freely given to us!
We thank God for this home and all servant hands that helped us flip this house in one summer in 2012!

This summer marks our 3 year anniversary into our first home and I can't belive how far its come! Here are some now and befores:

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