About Alexandria

There is just something inside me that wants to make it pretty. Or it's that pit in my stomach that I get and it gives me the itch to create. When those moments come and I get the chance to design, create, craft and arrange it's a feeling that overwhelms me with goodness. I love the home and what it represents. I live to help the people in my life, to be that visionary of their heart that they can't quit express. It's my honor to be the interpreter. 

My journey to finding out my purpose through design started as a five-year-old making a home from an unfinished bathroom and developed to studying art, design and construction at Bowling Green State University.  I graduated with a Bachelors in Interior Design in 2010 and created a solo business in 2011 with the name Alexandria Sawyer Designs, LLC. My education gives me the skills for commercial design, which is totally fun but my passion is in the home, in residential design. 

Currently, I am  at SAHM and I love my role as a homemaker being in our home. I work part time as a designer and I love the freedom.


Each day starts and ends in the home. A home or the decor doesn't have to be worth anything, as long as it is your true haven. Hey, half the furnitre in my house was given to us and the other half I flipped from yard sales. My home only has worth to me. How would your day be different if your bedroom was actually an oasis? How would your mood be different if everything in your home actually had a place? How would your soul be different if your home decor inspired you instead of bored you?