Friday, June 12, 2015

Freegan Interior Styling: Oh Yes, I'm making it a thing...

Freegans, if you'd ever heard the term are those who scavenge for food to help reduce and sustain resources. I on the other hand, would consider myself a freegan in the terms of interior design and styling. I  honestly enjoy the power of  reuse in all it's facets. I would NEVER build a house, its not sustainable, especially with all the old home that are already here.

Confession, although I own my own business as an interior designer and stylist, I only take on a few jobs a year. We are mainly a one income family, plus we are just starting our family and it's humble.... very humble. I love our life and our small home. We flipped it 3 years ago, and with our "freegan" mindset we have created a beautiful home with equity! We hope to build off the equity and flipped our next home. I have styled our home on "no budget, " not the fun no budget but the literally no budget for that! I have the eye, schooling and passion to see the potential. Things sometime just need to be cleaned or painted or just put together with the right stuff. We  used this to our advantage!

So, I wanted to to share with you my steals, deals and flipped decor. You won't believe how much stuff in my house was FREE, I was actually surprised too! Below is my freegan interior styling our own humble home.

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  1. This is awesome, Alexandria!! I love the freegan design!! :-D