Friday, November 5, 2010

Sawyer Home Project 1-Program

Designing My Dream Home
Searching for the perfect home is impossible. Searching for a home that is suitable is more realistic but the perfect home seem only achievable if you build it. I am an advocate for sustainable design and it is more sustainable to buy a home already standing. As my thoughts and dreams take me, I want to design my dream home anyway. This project is a way for me to keep up with my education and also an outlet to apply my current researched to a project.

Project Goals
My goal is to prepare a program for the home. I want to present our needs and wants in a home. This project will consist of a floor plan, several interior sectional elevations, 2 interior perspectives, exterior elevations of all 4 sides, and a 2-D model of the exterior. I want to complete this project within 8 weeks.

Project Program
1. The home must be around 2,300 square feet. Having the square feet of the home around this number keeps the cost significantly lower, which means you can put more money into the details of the home.
2. The front door is to be used as the main entrance, garage doors near front door. The foyer of your home has great significant to your security and is one of the pretties space in your home.
3. One large hallway from one end of the home to the other, with windows at the ends. This hallway lengthen the home. Also having windows at the end of hallways creates a warm light and focal point to walk towards.
4. ADA bathroom for guest.We have several handicapped people in our family that would be unable to use the restroom or even visit, if the bathroom didn't fit their needs.
5. Open floor plan/compact floor plan. We have no need for a formal dinning room and living room. I want the kitchen,dinning area and family room together but still their own distant spaces. This invites unity in the family, many activity can be done in an open floor pan with the illusion of a single room.
6. All bedrooms together in one wing of the home, but still keeping the master bedroom private. In addition to the master bedroom, 3 bedrooms all with the same square footage. Each bedroom is to have a  feature on their own,to make each room unique.
7. Several built-in. We enjoy the traditional homes for their detail and the charm of built-in/alcoves. Alcoves create smaller spaces in larger spaces.
8. Our style is cottage. We like the airy, cleanness and palette of the cottage style.
9. Other additions: master bathroom, small quite room, mud room, pantry, basement, large circulation paths, entrance to a back patio, sunken living room and gas fireplace.

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