Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A stick pile to a faux fireplace

This project I am so excited about to share! 

The story.

The other day my son and I was leaving a friends house and as we were walking down the sidewalk a little treasure caught my eye in a stick pile. I picked it up examined the soggy old scrap and then put it down. A few minutes later it was sitting in my trunk. I actually thought about it for a second and then took the find back to the pile, when I spotted it's bother, gasped and took them both home.

Here are the treasures...

I am sure you were thinking , "gross and how did you even notice that apart from the trash pile it was in?"

Let them tell you.

My original find was the bigger scrape and the little one was the brother I just happen to find. My thought was, "wow this was apart of something beautiful and old that someone just rip off and discarded." I actually have no idea where it came from or what it used to be apart of but I was like it belongs on a fireplace. And right away I went home and started a new project!

I evaluated my scarps and went to home depot. For $8 I now had everything  I needed to assemble my faux fireplace. The back of the fireplace is a scrape piece of particle board that I made into a chalkboard. I used the board as was my dimensions of the fireplace. I placed the pieces- not forgetting the stars of the show, nailed them into place and watched something beautiful come together.

As for the mantle, I actually had a pile a old barn wood form a family farm that I've been wanting to use. We cut a small slice, I cleaned it up and stained/polyed it with leftovers.

I then painted the rest of the fireplace with an odd yellow that we didn't quite like when painting our house, but it looks beautiful on the fireplace!

 I made the fireplace without actually having a place for it. It turned out so nice that I mounted it in up in our master bedroom. I put some pretties on the mantle and chalked a burning fire. I just love it! What a fun and nearly free project that kinda found me!

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